Do More Things That Make You Forget to Check Your Phone

I have recently touched on the social media subject on one of my previous posts. It was mainly referring to the validation us as individuals seek through social media. I ran across this quote “Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.” It reminded me of that post but in a different perspective.

I will find myself out to dinner with my significant other and we are both blowing facebook up with check ins, tagging, and “look at this meme hahaha.” Instead of “How was your day?” or “What plans should we make for the weekend?” We are updating each other on “Did you see who got in a relationship with who?” It’s completely normal to have some casual gossiping with your SO. It’s not okay when it comes to be the only thing that you conversate about is social media updates or text messages that completely consume your attention from colleagues talking about the workload for the week.

I am guilty of being the one at the dinner table and scrolling through twitter. I’m glad I ran across this quote, as simple as it may be. I would like to do activities that don’t involve a phone in my hand. I want to go hiking with my SO and friends, and not worry about the selfie we need to pose for later that make us “seem” adventurous. There’s deep conversations I want to have by the water. Not every moment you have needs to be captured on camera and posted for some likes. Some moments can just be sentimental to your heart. It is sometimes more enjoyable living in the moment and feeling the rush of every emotion when doing something you love. I always found it often frustrating when my mother would ruin a beautiful moment with the family trying to capture a photo – so she could post to facebook-because nobody was cooperating the way she wanted.

I think it’s time we do more without feeling the need to update the world. Go on a hike, go sit by the water for a few hours, go to a museum, or go eat at a new restaurant you have never been to. It will be worth it. It will be worth making as many memories as possible with people you love. It will be worth having conversations with people you love instead of wishing you made those conversations later in life.