Hearts and Likes

Something I have noticed among my generation is the validation from social media. I, myself is guilty of thirsting for likes on Instagram and Facebook on my “selfies.” If i lost a follower, I would immediately get weak in the stomach and rack my brain as to WHY they unfollowed me. I would even develop a little hatred towards them. YES. It was that bad. Now? I don’t care if i had one follower. I quit looking for validation through Instagram and Facebook for me to feel pretty. Yes, likes mainly coming from men reaching the hundreds will give someone a confidence boost and that’s not a problem. I would constantly wait for someone to like my picture and if someone didn’t like it in the first 5-6 minutes, I would delete it and post it later. I learned that 10:30-11PM are the times to get the likes. Which is honestly sad. I’m glad I realized that it doesn’t matter. What matters is making YOURSELF feel beautiful. Not a million men with access to Facebook or Instagram. I would perfect all my pictures. Is this angle good? Is this lighting perfect? Duck face or smile? What filters will work on this one? It was a little much and a little sad. I spent so much time worrying about if my face was the least bit chubby on a picture than worrying about my physical and mental health OUTSIDE of social media. I wanted to live this perfect life on my social media accounts when my life was and is NO WHERE near perfect at all. Some people may have the perfect life, and its totally fine to post and do whatever you want. This is mainly for people who feel like they need validation through a like to feel beautiful.

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